How long is the Adventure?

It is a 3 to 5 Hour Tour, but you are welcome to spend the whole day if you like!

What happens if it’s raining?

Canopy Adventures is a rainforest tour, and we still run while it’s raining! We may close due to exceptional weather circumstances, so please contact us on the day of your booking to confirm!

Can I travel to the Canopy Adventure Secret Falls location myself?

Yes – the road to the Canopy Adventure is now mostly paved and easily accessible from Soi 5 in Maenam. Please contact us for directions!

Are any food or refreshments provided?

Complimentary fresh fruit and water is provided for all participants

Can we swim at the Waterfall?

You are welcome to swim at the waterfalls, but please be aware that the weather (rainy season or dry season) may prevent access.

Is there a weight or height limit for the cable adventure?

There are no height restrictions, but please contact us if you have any concerns or special requirements.

Can Children participate on the cable adventure?

We recommend that children over 7 years of age should be able to participate, but younger children may also ride if accompanied and supervised by a parent. Please contact us to confirm.