Secret Falls Koh Samui

Adventure awaits you amongst the luscious canopy of Thailand's most beautiful rainforests.

Canopy Adventures is located on the breathtaking island of Koh Samui. Our Secret Falls base camp is 4 kilometers off the beaten track and our adrenaline-filled ride will have you zipping through the air at speeds of upto 50 miles per hour!

All of our guests agree, it is one of the most exhilarating ways to see, and truly appreciate, the beautiful white sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and abundant nature and wildlife of the rich interior rainforests of this wonderful island located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Canopy Adventures Thailand Koh Samui

Whether you’re over 7 years old or under 80 years old; a novice or an expert zip liner, our canopy adventure ride with its 21 platforms, 15 cable rides covering over 2000 meters will thrill you.

Your adventure with us begins the moment we pick you in our 4x4 Safari Jeeps and head to our hidden Secret Falls location.

You will enjoy an exciting drive through 4 kilometers of exotic Thai jungle and when you reach the Canopy Adventures base camp, our highly trained staff will great you with refreshments and delicious fresh fruit which is sourced in the lush rainforest which will surround you.

Once refreshed, you will receive your safety harness, gloves, helmet and extensive training.

In our practice area our expert and professional staff will show you how to glide; where to hold your hands and how to land safely on each platform, only then will you be ready to experience the adrenaline-filled thrill ride which is Canopy Adventures Secret Falls!

Retail price

B2950 per person

Special 2020 promotion price, including round trip transfers

B1500 per person