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Canopy Adventures
Kao Yai Da - Pattaya

Vacations come and go. But vacations with amazing adventures last a lifetime, and that’s what we aim to do for your vacation at Canopy Adventures in Pattaya.

This is a vacation adventure that you won’t forget!

The Most Memorable Way to See Pattaya… Ever!

The Canopy Adventures Cable Ride is extremely thrilling, yet at the same time very peaceful. You’ll understand the sense that birds feel as they soar through the air. You’ll understand how the great monkeys of the jungle feel as they swing across trees effortlessly.

You’ll get to literally be in their element, as you explore one of the most unspoiled places on earth.

Experience the Kao Yai Da National Rainforest from the Perfect Viewpoint!

While many people have hiked through the rainforests of Pattaya, very few have gotten to experience flying from one tree to the next, on the longest cable ride in Asia with over 3 km’s of cable ride for you to enjoy.

You’ll get to see your surroundings from perched high in the trees of our 20 expertly designed and constructed platforms. Breathtaking views of not only the Kao Yai Da National Rainforest… but also of the beautiful world renowned white beaches of the Rayang Coastline…as well as the amazing island of Koh Samet in the distance!

The entire view is perhaps better from our treetop platforms, than from anywhere else in Thailand!

As you zip above and through tree tops from one platform to another, you’ll experience a combination of adrenalin rush excitement, as well as peaceful tranquility that truly cannot be experienced any other way except for on a cable ride.

But we’re not talking just one cable ride. How about 16 separate cable rides, each one giving you breathtaking views and new memories.

Bring Your Entire Family…It’s Safe!

We pride ourselves on making safety priority #1.

This is why we can confidently tell you to bring your children and even grandparents along. This adventure is perfectly safe for children 7 and up, and for adults at any age.

As you trek here from your hotel through beautiful rainforest… escorted in our 4 X 4 Safari vehicles… you’ll arrive to our friendly expert staff ready for instructions and training.

No Experience Necessary!

We show you everything that you need to know at our practice area. We guide you along each one of our 16 cable rides, helping you launch and land correctly each time.

In fact, we make it even easier and safe for you, because we are Asia’s ONLY tandem cable ride. So if you like, we can actually be right there along the ride with you to make you feel confident. But you won’t need it for long because once you try it, you’ll be extremely pumped up for the next ride!

Ride With Us, Then Dine With Us!

Though it’s an amazing thrill, this isn’t just a thrill ride.

We know you’re going to want to relax and reflect a bit on the amazing experience that you’ve just had… and we want to enjoy that with you!

After your half day of thrills and adventure, you’ll enjoy an authentic Thai meal on us at our base camp restaurant.

Experience Canopy Adventures in Pattaya With Us!

This is the vacation adventure that you deserve. Let us help you experience a once in a lifetime thrill, with breathtaking views, and a tranquility that you have to experience to truly understand.

Bring your cameras and videos, because this is something you’ll want to show off!

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  • Transfers To/From Location
  • 4x4 Pickup to Base Camp
  • Full Training and Safety Guide
  • 17 Cable Rides over 3km and 20 Platforms
  • Complimentary Meal and Drink
  • Safe and Fully Insured
  • No Experience Necessary!


Worlds best PETZL brand safety equipment


17 Platforms Connecting 16 Cables!


Fully Guided Throughout by our Staff!


Open to Everyone!


Fresh Fruit and Snacks for all Riders!