The Adrenaline-Filled Thrill Ride That You Will Never Forget…

Come and Zip-Line Through Thailand’s Most Beautiful Rainforests…

Easily the Most Fun You Can Have… Experiencing Astonishing Treetop Views Through the Countryside!

Imagine soaring through the air, at speeds nearing 50 miles per hour, suspended above the rain forest of one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a bird flying from branch to branch, then this is about as close as you’ll ever get. If you’ve thought about how exhilarating it would be to fly from tree to tree like a monkey… then you’re only a few clicks away from finding out.

We’ll take you up into the places that only birds and the monkeys have experienced before!

We'll take care of you from the very first minute.

First we’ll pick you up from your hotel, and shuttle you off to our base camp for a safari ride in our 4x4 vehicle, which is an adventure all its own… Your destination 4 kilometers off the beaten path into the magical jungles of beautiful Thailand…

This is where you’ll be sailing through the air on the epic ride… or shall we say RIDES of your life.

As you pull up to Canopy Adventures, you’ll be greeted by our friendly and highly trained staff, and given delicious refreshments that only the fresh fruit of the rainforest can provide.

During and after refreshments you’ll find out exactly what you’ll be doing, you’ll receive your safety equipment which includes your safety harness, your gloves,you’re your helmet… and then you’re on your way for the thrill of your life.

But first comes the thorough training so that you can soon begin your flight, from platform to platform, through our amazing rain forest.

Our Staff’s #1 Focus Is Always and Constantly YOUR 100% Safety!

You will have complete training on exactly how you should glide, from where to hold your hands, how to glide across the fabulous zip-line, to how to land safely on the next platform.

Here’s What Your Adventure Looks Like With Canopy Adventures in Thailand…

Canopy Adventures location is on the island of Koh Samui, which is a small but exquisitely beautiful island made up of white sand beaches and rain forests inland… (Yes the same rain forests you’ll be gliding through!)

This location is a hidden beauty with breathtaking waterfall views from 21 platforms high up in the trees, via 15 thrilling cable rides over 2000 meters.

Now matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are, you’ll be able to enjoy this thrilling adventure. This is a family adventure, and children as young as seven to adults in their eighties have had the time of their lives. It’s much easier than you can possibly imagine. You're hooked on and fly! That’s really all there is to it!!

If you’ve never had a zip-line adventure, you’re in for the exhilarating thrill that you’ll never forget… and leave simply astonished and wanting to come back for more.

And if you have zip-lined before… then you owe it to yourself to do it with Canopy Adventure Thailand.

Read on to find out more details or call now and book your Canopy Adventure…

You’ll Experience Our Rainforests Like Nobody Else Has Ever Been Able To…

You’ll soon be flying over some of the most amazingly beautiful and enchanting views you’ve ever witnessed from this bird’s-eye-view vantage point.

You’ll see gorgeous waterfalls (of which we’ll actually make a nice pit-stop so that you can swim in if you so desire), exotic jungle vegetation, and coast lines of beautiful white sand and palm trees.


Don’t worry if you’ve never done any zip lining before. These cable rides are made just for you…even if you have NO Experience! You need none! Zilch!

The truth is, you simply sit down, get strapped on the cable, and ride… all while taking in the amazing views like few people ever get to experience them. Gravity takes over, and you’re flying! There are practice areas, and you will receive thorough training that day for about 20 minutes… along with your safety equipment… with our expert staff. Our professionals will teach you exactly what to do on the practice lifts, and then they’ll help you at each and every cable to zip through and over trees and beautiful scenery!

Whether you’ve done this a hundred times – or never – you’ll have the time of your life, with very little effort on your part. You don’t even have to climb in fact. Zip lining at Canopy Adventures is easy, exhilarating, and anyone can do it!

And don't worry - if you do actually freeze up there, our experienced staff will gently bring you down the course, strapped to them in tandem, so you can safely enjoy the ride without the need to hang on or brake!

Glide High Above the Rainforest

These will be some of the most spectacular views you’ve ever enjoyed. You’ll be perched in our canopies experiencing the anticipation of your turn to fly… while your group is zipping across the rainforest with sounds of elation.

Your next! You’ll take off, and the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re above some of the most beautiful and luscious rainforests in the world. Very few people get the chance to see them like this. These are bragging rights that you’ll have forever.

When you’re telling your friends and family about flying through the jungle at over 50 miles an hour, where only birds and monkeys have gone before you, they’ll have a tough time believing you. But you’ll forever remember the wind in your face, the fresh smell of rain forest vegetation, and exhilaration like you’ve never felt before at Canopy Adventures in Thailand.

Be sure to bring your camera and video recorder!

4x4 Safari in to the Jungle Location

It’s not just zipping and gliding however when you visit Canopy Adventures in Thailand!

You’ll even have fun getting to us! That’s right, you’ll have stories to tell about the ride over to those same friends and family that you were telling about the gliding itself.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel (many times with the pickup arranged by your hotel staff), and bring you to our camp through some of the most lush and unspoiled jungles in the world… all in the safety of our rugged 4 X 4 Canopy Adventures Safari Vehicles.

Along the way you’ll see parts of the world that very few people ever get to see. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a movie, with the dense rainforest surrounding you, bringing about sounds, smells, and sights that you’ll remember forever!

Spectacular Birds-Eye Views

You’re in Thailand because you want to SEE Thailand right? What better way to experience the fantastic sights of Thailand than from a bird’s eye view? You’ll be perched high up in the trees on our canopies where you’ll get breathtaking views of not only the lush rainforest, but the Coastline and even the beautiful white beaches in the distance across the Gulf of Thailand.

Once you launch from the perch, you’ll look around you while zipping high above the jungle floors, and you’ll be astonished by how much of Thailand you’re actually able to see – without charting a plane or helicopter. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom, and you truly will feel the sensation of actual peaceful flight that few humans ever get to truly feel for them selves, but birds get to feel each and everyday of their lives.

It will remind you just why you took this vacation adventure!

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